Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We topped out at 30 LESSONS!

Hey fam!! I hope all is well in lake powell!! I am way jelly!! Make sure to tell everyone hello and that I love them!! I miss you all so much!! I hope you are all safe and CTR! Love you all so much!!

But this week was our best week yet!! We topped out today with 30 lessons!! I am feeling so acomplished this week because we are for sure leading our district if not our zone in lessons taught! Its been great because I am showing my kid the importance of working hard every week!! Also FYI I love me comp. He is so Christ like and such and example to me and other missionaries!! He is awesome!! Also on Tuesday we got our prize for winning the cleanest appartment in the mission! So yaaa pretty excited about that! ITs like a mini oven so we can cook more crap in it!! So me and Peery are way happy about that! Also on Thursday we had lunch with the richest member in QCNM and then for dinner we got paid free a all you can eat buffet that was classy as crap!! They had steak! So you can bet that I got my hands on some of that steak! Hahah I love being in Fairview! Sometimes its like America like its great! But then there are times when yep this is defiantly the Philippines! haha! But this area is just awesome and is just getting better! We also found this new INV this week! Don, I honestly feel like he was prepared to receive our message!! And he wants to know more and more! We taught him and found him on Saturday and we were like when can we come back? And he was like I want you to come tomorrow and teach my wife too! So I hope every thing works out with him and I can see him getting baptized too! But I will prob be transferred by the time that happens! Also Madike family is doing really good! We just need to finish all the lessons by the 26! And its coming up! Its next Saturday! So lets hope and pray that every thing goes okay!! Every thing is going good for me! Me and my comp are loving it so much and he really is a great missionary and a great friend!! Also my kabahay elder Peery is dope too! We always have deep talks about every thing and he is way funny too! haha! So I will be sad when I have to transfer from Fairview, and transfers are soon too!! Crazy I am almost done training!! So yeah hope you have a good week!! Love ya!

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