Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cleanest Apartment in the ZONE!! Thats How We Do It!

Hello mommy!! How is it going! Wow this week was great email wise! I got a bunch of pics!! I love pictures!! I wish I would get more and more each week! I love to see how much people are growing up!! Tanner is so tall! And he is wearing my clothes hahah! What a queer! He is looking good! When does he get his braces off! I feel like its pretty soon! But yeah! How was your fourth of July! I hope you guys had fun! Are you guys all geared up for lake Powell! I bet you guys are pretty stoked for that!! I am jealous! I wish that I could come and swim! AHHH how I miss swimming!! But i am almost done with the package! I think you guys will all enjoy the things that I am putting in it!! I think I might have gone a little over board but oh well! You guys better like it haha!! But I wanna see more pics that I havnt seen! I love seeing family and how every thing is!! How is the weather haha hot! Its now rainy season here it rains pretty hard every day! I am so glad I am not in a flooding area!! Plus I thought I would tell you this as a proud mother you are! We had a cleaning contest in our mission to see who could have the cleanest apartment wins a prize! Guess who won!!?!?! HAHAH this guy!! WHAT who says I am a messy person now! We had the cleanest house in the mission!! hahaah OH yaaaaaaaaaaa!! hahaah Love you Terri! 

But I am doing good also! All is well with me here in Mapayapa ward!! I love this area so much! Yesterday was fast Sunday so I bore my testimony cause it could be my last fast sunday here! I just told them how much I loved them and how they have a place in my heart! And then a lot of members either didnt understand me or just didnt listen but they think I am leaving today hahah! Transfers arent until July 30! Plus they all thought I was going home hahah like what the crap!! But multiple members came up and were thanking me for my service with tears in their eyes really thanking me for being in their ward! It made me some what feel like I was at home and that these people really do care about me here! So that was a cool experience! So I will be sad when I leave this area!

But yeah anyways every thing is really going good with us here! I am enjoying training so much! Elder Pedroza is a great missionary and we get a long really well! So I really have loved training him! Also all of our investigators are doing well! We are getting closer and closer to the Madikes baptism! And boy am I excited for that! That family really is a tender mercy of the Lord! And I feel like them alone are the reason I stayed in this mission! I love that family so much! They are great! When I go to there house I feel at home its funny! haha I hope they feel the same about me! 

But on Wednesday I went on exchanges with elder Peery! We are batch and he is freaking cool! Any ways it was great and people would just let us into their houses cause it was two pogi Americans hahah! It was pretty funny! It was a good day for us!

Then as we all know on Friday was America day!! Yipeee!! We started off the day by singing the national Anthem like a thousand times ahah! Then last week we bought Country time Pink lemonade!(which was expensive) with this huge container for it that was way classy, martinellis(the sparkling cider stuff) and a whole lot of Mcdo! hahah! It was great haha! We would just be like to people.. "do you know what today is?" "umm sir its the fourth of July" "yes do you know that that is?" "umm no sir" "ITS INTERDEPENDENCE DAY FOR AMERICA!!" haha it was great then everyone was like oh happy independence day! hahah good times!! I am glad that I had an American in my house to celebrate with!!

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